For over 200 years, The United States of America has proudly distilled, bottled and sold Bourbon, the only
spirit that is uniquely American. However, over the past decade or so, new, maverick, creative blood has entered the Bourbon game, and made a huge impact, opening up a whole new market, and creating products genuinely new to the space. We invite you to experience our approach to this age-old process. From
Kentucky Straight Bourbons and Whiskeys and custom mash bills, to single barrels and four grain blends, onward to charring and proofing preferences and
customized finishing, Bushwood honors the storied tradition of American Bourbon while carving out our own place in a new era of innovation and creativity.  

Our founder, Brad Carpenter, sowed the grains for the Bushwood concepts over 13 years ago, with the idea for Bushwood conceived and curated while Brad was recovering from an injury and unable to play golf. The journey of the palate has been a delightful one, as Brad crisscrossed has the country from California and Texas to Kentucky and back again… many, many times.

The thing about bourbon is, it’s a social spirit, it brings people together. The lasting friendships forged over these years have added to the spirit and complexity of every one of our products, and the best way to immerse yourself in bourbon culture is to share, the libations, the time, the occasions, and the accompanying stories.  

Bushwood was formed, and formally launched into concept mode, in 2016, and proudly poured its first cocktail, and sold its first bottle, in October of 2021. Like all brands, we’ve had our share of growing pains as we’ve navigated the highly regulated and complex world of spirits, just ask our many friends who’ve had fun with our first toppers. Through it all, the core of our values and brand ethos have remained intact – premium quality, experiential, and fun at all cost. Today, we have countless customers across the country, from all walks of life, who enjoy our products and what we represent. As we go forward, we will continue to innovate and stay involved, bringing the party everywhere we go.

Bushwood stokes a place of unity where we can all come together to embrace our differences, share experiences, grab a drink, enjoy some laughs, and live in the moment.

That’s the spirit of Bushwood.

Be The Ball

Brad Carpenter Founder / CEO

Bottling Bushwood Front 9, 7 Year, Single Barrel, Straight Kentucky Bourbon at Bardstown Bourbon Company, Bardstown, KY.